Professional recommendation

  • Mgr. Martin Pach PhD. (Board Academy)
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    I have been cooperating with Dr. Štefan Čuvala when teaching and running workshops in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Nowadays as we can witness a mediocrity and formalism it is a real joy to meet such an expert who provides his gifts and professionalism to those in need. His meticulousness, responsibility, purposefulness, creativity and objectivity made him a unique expert on his field. Moreover he has a gift to work with people, listen to them and share their troubles which are necessary qualities in our job. His ability to help in proper manner, right in time and with a smile is invaluable. In many cases he proved his expertise, or his consistency and troubleshooting abilities. Dr. Čuvala has always done a great job whatever was his duty. A man of enormous knowledge combining professionalism and humanity. I can definitely recommend Dr. Čuvala as an expert for personal development.

  • Doc. PhDr. Eugen Laczo PhD. (athletics and condition trainer, University teacher)
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    Štefan Čuvala has drawn my attention not only as a student interested in knowledge in his field, but also as a human being. Therefore, our cooperation has been on a higher level than just on a teacher-student basis. After completing his master degree studies he continued with his PhD and from that moment our relationship was based on a colleague principle – a relationship of two professionals complementing each other. One with his young enthusiasm and interest in learning the most from the sport field, another with knowledge and experience he was eager to offer and share, sensing the real and sincere interest.
    When consulting and completing his dissertation he showed to be a goal-oriented, patient and vivacious student, who often inspired me too.
    He is able to work independently and creatively and disinterestedly share his knowledge. He is valued for his ability to approach people in a human way, with excellent communication skills, which help him to motive the others for hard and systematic work - which, in sport area, is very appreciated.

  • PhDr. Andrea Berešová PhD.
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    Štefan Čuvala is a person I think highly of, not only for his work achievements, but mainly for his human qualities. He is a hard working and goal oriented professional, who can face the challenge, not being afraid of obstacles. Most importantly, he is always considerate to others, putting their prosperity fist, which is quite rare to see nowadays.
    In his relatively young age he has managed to achieve what many of us just dream of. He has became a top professional in his field. Success, however, is something that requires not only the knowledge and education, but also a lot of effort and self-denial. This is something only the strongest can do – and Štefan is certainly one of them. I am honored having the opportunity to work with him. I wish every team to have such a welcomed member.

Client's recommendation

  • Silvia(High-ranking banking executive)
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    Run your first marathon at 49? Even if you do not have any athletic history and are a normal woman who for the sake of reducing stress (and weight of course :)) made a new year’s resolution to run 10K? Yes, it is possible. You “just” need a professionally designed plan. Stefan prepared one for me, individually tailored to my abilities and disabilities :) He had me figured out just right, and I completed the run! Then it all went very fast… the half marathon was a terrific experience, and the marathon a real challenge. Although, I am sure that without Stefan’s coaching targeted at my mental motivation and healthy eating, this twelve month experience would not have been so successful. Stevo has a natural skill and the authority of a coach. He does not impose himself upon you, but at the same time he takes your training very seriously. And suddenly you also start taking it seriously and working hard…

  • Dana(45 years, Entrepreneur)
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    If I were to sum up this reference for Stevo into one word, it would surely be PROFESSIONAL. For people who have defined a goal, but are having trouble achieving it, I would definitely recommend exercising with Stevo. His trainings are not improvised, you can see that he thinks about each one in advance and comes prepared, although he is always able to adjust his plan based on how I am feeling on a particular day. The gradual increase in the intensity of my trainings and continuously rising demands have been delivering positive results in shaping my body and improving my posture, endurance, strength and fitness. During the entire year of our training, I have never once had feelings of stagnation, dullness or boredom; rather, just the opposite. Stevo has an inexhaustible arsenal of exercises, so those potentially interested in training with him need not worry that they will only lift weights and work on machines. Despite the workouts being very demanding, they always go by very quickly, because he makes them dynamic, exciting and interesting. In addition to his professional approach and his ability to motivate me and get me to where I never thought I could get, I also have to point out his expertise and his practical experience. He applies knowledge which he gains by continuous education in his work with his clients and, thanks to that, we are all closer to our goals than we would be, had we taken the amateur way of “trial and error.”

  • Monika(39 years, administrative worker)
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    I have been training with Stevo for little over a year now, and in the beginning I would not have believed in what various physical activities he would manage to get me involved, which I had positively refused in the past. After a year, I am now considering triathlon, although at the beginning I was not able to run even 500 meters on a treadmill and I did not swim at all. What I value most about Stevo is his highly professional approach, reliability, excellent time management and continuous education in the fields of sports, health and nutrition. He designs a training plan tailored to your individual needs and, despite the unexpected events with which you repeatedly manage to disrupt his plan, he always patiently guides you towards the goal which you have set at the beginning. In the course of the month he keeps track of all your trainings and during individual and group trainings always respects how you are feeling both physically and mentally on a given day.

    His training is systematic, he designs individual training sessions creatively, and he can definitely push you towards excellent performance. In fact, the outstanding results of his trainees in competitions speak for themselves – thumbs up! And Stevko, I really like you, even if it sometimes does not seem that way during training.

  • Zuzana(39 years, Mother and business coach)
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    I thought I did not need a trainer, but the fast breakthrough results of my husband who trains with Stevo have made me want to try it out. I was just in the middle of transitioning from amateur running to amateur triathlon. Stevo works with us “long distance,” which means that we receive a training plan and send back data, but it is still really worth it. What I like about him is that he is a real expert, he knows what he is doing, and he knows how to get results. He works with a person as a whole; he motivates, listens, and develops himself and his approach. He is always available and responds promptly, even at times when he is really busy. He places great emphasis on health and improvement of the overall lifestyle. He cares about us, as well as about the sport, and that is a great feeling, great encouragement and support. And the results? I am still improving my performance, enjoying myself immensely, and I want to continue doing this for a long time. I am happy that Stevko will be there along the way.

  • Zuzana(22 rokov, tennis player)
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    Passionate, focused, energetic, dynamic,

    the “wisest,” stubborn, persuasive, caring,

    intense, creative, inspiring, teasing,

    quick-witted, generous, nosy and playful,

    cheeky, sincere, perceptive and helpful,

    trustworthy, positive, constructive and sensitive

    and it’s only Monday, 7 a.m.!

  • Michal(36 years, skier)
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    I have known Stevo for about five years. I have known him as an ambitious, responsible and honest athlete and human being. He has been training me now for the third season. During that time he has helped me to advance in my sports and mental preparation. Stevo always knows how to motivate you to continue working. He provides encouragement when needed, but at the same time he is adequately tough and uncompromising.

    During training he employs an endless variety of exercises; I can say that I have never had two identical workouts with him.

    He continues to educate himself in the field of conditioning and rehabilitation. Following injuries, he always managed to set my plan professionally and purposefully in a way which enabled me to regain my original strength and fitness in the shortest possible time. The only criticism I would like to raise, is his problem with counting: when he says 12 repetitions, most of the time you have to do (at least) 14 of them, but never less...

  • Kubo(35 years, trainer, mountain biker, ex-football player :-))
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    As a hobby mountain biker, at the end of 2012, I asked Stevo for help with preparation for a challenging MTB race in Italy. Not only did he immediately agree and selflessly helped me, but he also managed to fundamentally change my view on doing sports. Preparing for the Sella Ronda Hero 2013 race gave me an incredible kick and the euphoria keeps me going even today ;))

    I know Stefan not only as a coach, but also as an athlete. Together we participated in several P'art of Heart relay teams at various sporting events (Slovakman, Stefanik Trail, etc. ...), so I know that the tenacity with which he competes is the same as the one with which he trains his clients.

    As a coach, he is very direct, meticulous and the trainings (training plans) are always perfectly prepared. He is also very tough and any occasional slacking off during training or outside of training (diet, recovery, observance of training plan, etc.) will not go unnoticed, .... naturally with consequences ;)

    However, what is most important about Stevo is not just that he knows very well what he is doing, but also that he will help you improve your sports conditioning and your health, and that as a coach and an athlete, he always gives his best. Most of all, Stevo is incredibly humane and kind, and always ready to assist you under any circumstances.

    So if you are looking for a trainer with a heart, you have found him! Welcome to the P’art of Heart family...

  • Jindřich(41 rokov, manažér v banke)
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  • Juraj(44 years, IT specialist)
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    When I started working out with Stevo, my primary motivation was to reach my athletic goal. I took the fact that I often suffered from pain from my previous injuries when doing sports as having to face the music for neglecting post-injury rehabilitation during my youth. I learned to live with it and tried not to burden anyone with it, nor did I feel necessary to emphasize it to Stevo.

    I am happy about my progress and improvement in sports, which I owe to Stevo, but lately I have started to realise more and more that the “by-product” of our cooperation is much more important. Sport no longer hurts! It did not come about suddenly, like relief after a magic pain-killer, but slowly and gradually.

    If you want to improve or lose weight, if you need motivation, or if you want to look like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall... find a coach. It is more effective and ultimately also cheaper.

    But if you want to make sure sport neither hurts nor causes you harm in the long run, you need a really good trainer, a specialist trainer. A trainer who does not apply the same methods to each individual, a trainer whose qualification is not only his well-developed body and whose professional growth has not stopped after obtaining his diploma from the local university. A trainer who cares about you and who is willing to slow down the progress, rather than risk your health.

    As I have progressed during the three years of our cooperation, I can also see that Stevo continues to further educate himself and explore new possibilities. He does not only rely on his own experience, but also seeks inspiration by attending lectures and courses.

    I am grateful for all he does for me.

    PS: And of course I highly recommended him. Certainly he is not the only one, nor the best one (yet) :) ... but what does, he does diligently and well.

  • Lucia(26 years, Project manager)
    > > >

    Stevo managed to do, what many before him had not :-) In a really short time, during which we have been working together, I have become a completely different person, and not just physically but especially mentally. For me, and I think also for many people who knew me and know me, it is a big SECRET how he managed to do it. The answer is simple: Stevo himself is a person who knows what he is doing, and all you have to do is want and accept what he offers.

    In this way, I am completely selfish, because I take it all, no excuses, and although it often hurts during training sessions, instead of a “stylish Barbie doll” who use to get excited about new shoes, I am becoming a person who appreciates the advice that will take me to the finish line! Stevo is an amazing trainer, a critical critic :-), a great athlete and often a psychologist. Now I should say: I highly recommend the cooperation!!! But sorry, I am still selfish and Stevo is really one of the best “coordinators,” and I will not risk having any competition at the races ;-P, so carry on training as you have until now – NO STEVO = NO RESULTS!!!

  • Tibi(48 years, Spinning instructor)
    > > >

    I met Stefan at a small inconspicuous gym. He seemed calm, reserved, his gestures were clear and understandable and the clients with whom he worked looked content. Since I also needed a helping hand to lead me, I approached him and he agreed. Under his guidance, I advanced much farther and I easily reached the goal I had set. It became clear to me that under Stefan’s leadership I can achieve higher and more challenging goals, and Stefan gave me the courage and the will to persevere. Maybe it is because when you are feeling exhausted, as though you can’t go any further, Stefan adds to his professional approach kind and friendly words. I learned first-hand that my choice was a good one. Everyone who wants to progress further and higher will do well by choosing Stefan, who will not only be a tough coach, but also a good friend.

  • Ján(34 years, reality broker)
    > > >

    I had the honour and opportunity to fulfil my lifelong dream under the guidance of a coach. It happened to be Stefan, because we have known each other since childhood and we met after a while in the right place at the right time. During jointly led preparation, I worked out hard while Stevko prepared the training plan, evaluated progress, maintained professional attitude and did not leave any room for excuses. While we worked together, my body underwent a huge amount of changes, both mental and physical, and we celebrated all progress together. The training process designed to lead me to the fulfilment of my dream was intense each month, physically challenging but manageable. I experienced the feeling of running a marathon, I reached the limit of my current abilities, and I did not give up.

    And I should thank the coach for all that.

    Thanks, Stevo. 

  • Tomas(24 years, ski cross rider)
    > > >

    Števo si ma zobral do parády začiatkom roka 2011. Po rokoch samostatného trénovania sa mi otvorili oči a zistil som, že bez kvalitného trénera to nepôjde. Často som mával bolesti chrbta a vedeľ som, že moje telo nie je v stave podávať 100% športové výkony, z čoho aj pramenili zranenia... Už po dvoch mesiacoch tréningu som sa cítil omnoho lepšie a bolesti chrbta úplne zmizli. Tréningy so Števom sú veľmi náročné, ale majú aj svoj efekt. V najťažších chvílach dokáže povzbudiť a verte, že žiadne ulievanie sa neprichádza do úvahy. Ak Vám Števo nakáže 20 opakovaní a spravíte ich len 19, idete celú sériu odznovu. V takýchto chvílach mu neviete prísť na meno, ale po tréningu máte skvelý pocit :)
    Som plne presvedčený, že litre potu v letnej príprave prenesiem v ďalšej sezóne aj na lyže a dostavia sa o triedu lepšie výsledky..

  • Janka(49 years, Graphic designer, webmaster)
    > > >

    I have been training with Stevo since autumn 2008. I turned to him after a year and a half of competing and intuitive training. I wanted to improve, so I needed expert advice and guidance.  Luckily I found a great coach and friend (who never considered me a lost cause, even in the beginning ....)

    A “tailor-made” individual training plan, adapted to circumstances, seasons of the year, my current goals and always including something exciting, just so I do not get bored. Thanks to Stevo’s ability to advise, motivate and encourage, I have really improved and also tried out other activities, which I never considered before. I hope I still get to improve even further.

    If you know your goals and have plenty of willpower, try it. Stevo is really great! 

  • Ľuboš(42 years, Entrepreneur)
    > > >

    I struggled with lower back pain for over ten years, which resulted from my sedentary job and an injury incurred during my active hockey career in the past. I have been working with Stevo for about one year and I have not felt any pain now for a long time. At last, I feel well.

    Lucia, 28 (IT specialist, although the “IT” part is completely redundant)

    Trainer: reliable, strict, suitable for lazy result-oriented people, kind, flexible

    Trainings: challenging, but worth it...

  • Lucia(28 rokov, IT špecialista, aj keď to IT je tam celkom zbytočné)
    > > >

    Tréner: spoľahlivý, prísny – vhodné pre lenivcov orientujúcich sa na výsledky, milý, prispôsobivý
    Tréningy: náročné, ale stoja za to...

  • Peter(32 years, Engineer)
    > > >

    I started working out due to persistent health problems with my spine, resulting from my diagnosis and ectomorph body type. After the initial diagnostics, I started exercising in line with the proposed training program and eating as recommended. Over four months I gained muscle mass (I gained about 5kg) and due to the daily compensation exercises my back problems subsided. I am extremely satisfied with the training. The training program has been “tailored” just for my body type and abilities, which makes me very happy. In addition, the trainer’s active approach (even long-distance) pleasantly surprised me, and has been motivating me to progress further.

  • Vlasta(56 years, Workwoman)
    > > >

    In my personal experience, Stefan is very knowledgeable in his field, he has a very good insight into the things he does, and he lives the lifestyle which he promotes.

    As his client with a back injury, I regularly perform special exercises according to a program which he designed for me, and I also do Nordic walking. My condition has not only stabilized, but it has significantly improved. Although I still have to watch out for my back, I no longer feel pain every day. Walking has helped me not only physically, but also mentally. When I have a problem, I go and walk it off. I know that Stefan lives by a mantra, which he likes to repeat to me as well: where there is a will, there is a way. I wish him the best of luck in his work, which is helping others.

  • Alexandra(33 years, Graphic designer)
    > > >

    I started exercising in September 2008 and I have kept it up until today, which is an achievement in itself. I could never achieve it on my own, though; I owe it largely to my coach, Stevo. My primary goal was to lose weight, where I succeeded. I especially appreciate that trainings are designed just for me, based on my abilities and capabilities, the positive motivation which makes me reach beyond my limitations, and a lot of useful advice which allows me to progress further.

    And, as a bonus, a statement from the husband:

    Milan, 35 – I am grateful to Stevo for training my wife and thereby enabling her to relax a bit, gather strength and then have more energy to take care of us! And, of course, for making her even more beautiful, which I, as the husband, appreciate :)

  • Ladislav(58 years, Entrepreneur)
    > > >

    On the recommendation of my grown-up sons, I started thinking about my weight and my fitness. It became clear to me that I likely would not have enough motivation to make it on my own and I would need professional guidance to achieve some results. Three and a half years ago I coincidently met Stefan for the first time in the gym where he then used to train. Thanks to his friendly attitude, we clicked right from the start. I soon realised that he had a really good understanding of the issues. He managed to prepare an individualised exercise program for me with recommendations on healthy eating. The fact that I have managed to keep exercising on a fairly regular basis also says a great deal about Stefan’s training qualities. Stefan is very empathetic, he has a very good and professional attitude and I always leave the gym exhausted, but in a better mood.

  • Zuzana(34 rokov, Interior designer)
    > > >

    I am very happy to have met such a great person and coach that Stevo is.

    I admire his patience with me during every workout, because I hate exercising and he is always able to motivate me. Thank you, Stevo and I hope the two of us together will manage to put on an additional pound or two.

  • Lenka(26 years, Entrepreneur)
    > > >

    As life goes on, it is easy to put on weight. A person eats and sits around, and the pounds creep on. This also happened in my case until one fine day I sat in front of a mirror (not intentionally – while dressing :)) and I didn’t like at all what I saw. Even physically I did not feel very well, in that I had terrible back pain. Since I had no idea how to get started with exercise, I decided to find a coach. I did not want some well-built athlete with huge biceps, because I do not seem to trust them and, since I am shy, I would not feel comfortable with such a trainer. Fortunately, I came across a nice girl in the gym who, based on my expectations, recommended Stevo to me. Right at the outset, I was very pleasantly surprised by his approach :) I really liked his openness; he did not beat around the bush and told me straight out how things stand. That was the moment when I really started liking him :) as a coach :) I was excited about working out because, to my surprise, the pounds melted away quickly and my confidence soared. During every single workout I felt stronger and what I did not manage in the beginning, was gradually getting easier. It amazed me how he could get me going and motivate me :) I do not think I was ever dissatisfied with anything. I recommend Stevko to everyone who decides to make a major change in their life.

  • Mária(50 years, Teacher)
    > > >

    I have been working out with Stevo for three years already and I am very satisfied. Also, thanks to him, regular exercise has become a way for me to relax. After such a long time, my performance improved and even when I think I have reached my maximum, thanks to his guidance and attitude, I still keep progressing further. He is strict and demanding, but he can also compliment and encourage. 

  • Lucia(Model, makeup artist)
    > > >

    Stevko is an excellent trainer who helped me get rid of and firm up some of my problem areas. His specifically targeted training was beneficial not only for my appearance, but also for my health.  Working with him is a real pleasure, since he is a very nice person. I highly recommend him to all ladies. 

  • Peter(28 years, Professional hockey player at HC Ocelaři Třinec)
    > > >

    Pista is my very good friend. He helped me prepare for the 2009/10 hockey season. Personally, I can express complete satisfaction with his coaching, attitude towards training sessions, professionalism and everything that goes hand in hand with training. He perfectly understood exactly what it was I needed as a hockey goaltender. The trainings were of really good quality and he excellently prepared me for the whole season. Despite the fact that we are friends, he showed no mercy and he could be incredibly motivating. In addition to his superior coaching skills and experience, Stevko is a great person and you can rely on him also in matters unrelated to sports, which I immensely appreciate. I can only recommend him. 

  • Andrej(27 years, Office rat)
    > > >

    What is there to say about Stevo’s trainings? Perhaps my first experience with him says it all. When we met at the gym for our first training session, I was excited and ready to start working on the machines and “pumping iron.” Stevo immediately set me straight, saying, “You can pretty much forget about the machines, today you will not hold in your hands more than a broom.” I looked at him surprisingly to see if he was serious and muttered, “What?” But boy, was I wrong… the broom killed my self-confidence :-) Another few weeks of innocent trainings followed, which were not dull; actually they were fun and also quite demanding. And so I am grateful to him that I finally stopped having back pain, I can now wear pants which I haven’t been able to wear for a long time, but mainly because I feel good about myself again, since no broom can break me now :-) 

  • Silvia(45 years, Financial controller)
    > > >

    First of all, Stevo is a very nice and friendly guy, who managed to cleverly handle two chatty and silly girls and made them shut up and work out :-) we had to behave :-))) The work out always went by very quickly and what a feeling when we successfully managed to complete also the cardio at the end...! When my workout partner feels better, we start again, that has already been agreed. 

  • Martin(28 years, Mother and housewife, architect)
    > > >

    What I needed: to improve my fitness, eliminate back pain and all problems that come from sedentary work… the result: perfect! Excellent, motivational, professional, yet personal, “no mercy” approach, comprehensive and tailored training, and after a short period of time, all my problems from sedentary work have been eliminated and my fitness level has increased. You really enjoy it when you can see the results. In conclusion, such a pleasure to train with this coach. 

  • Jolana(57 years, Retired)
    > > >

    I was very satisfied with Coach Stefan. He was very professional and sensitive at the training sessions, and I appreciated his friendly uncompromising approach. The result was satisfactory, but unfortunately after we stopped working out, my original overweight condition returned. I positively recommend this great trainer to everyone and I wish him every success. 

  • Erika(50 years, Multiple sclerosis)
    > > >

    I have been exercising with Coach Stefan Cuvala for about three years, usually three times a week. The trainings benefit me both physically and mentally. There is no doubt that physical activity is essential not only for me but for everyone. I appreciate my coach as a person who positively enriched my life. A big plus for me is his genuine interest in his work and constant search for new ways to “tailor” a set of exercises to my condition which is influenced by my health limitations. My life is now livelier and brighter. 

  • Andrej(29 years, Wheelchair user)
    > > >

    I have been working out with Stevo for about a year; he is a good person and friend. But beware! In the gym he turns into a terrible monster who does not let you catch your breath. Otherwise, he is the most capable trainer with whom I have ever worked and a true professional, always willing to help and give advice. For those of you who want to work hard and progress, I highly recommend him.

  • Miloš(50 years, Wheelchair user)
    > > >

    I met Stefan Cuvala in the period after the Paralympic Games 2008 in Beijing. At that time, the relevant responsible people at SPV (Slovak Paralympic Committee) and SZTPS (Slovak Sports Association for the Disabled) had been working on a more comprehensive system of functioning for athletes with physical disabilities. When Stefan started coaching the athletes, this was a breath of fresh air for sportsmen with disabilities. Not only with respect to our training efforts, but of course also in competition, where we athletes represent Slovakia not only in sports performance, but also as people… people who are proud of themselves and of their social presentation. In 2009, as an athlete representing my country, my perception of the work, efforts and of course human qualities of Stefan Cuvala was highly positive. Training is an effort which should produce specific results in sports. Representing Slovakia in track and field, I naturally have my individual goals. I am confident that in cooperation with the trainer of the Slovak track and field representation Dr. Stefan Cuvala, I will be able to achieve those specific results. 

  • Martin(25 years, manager)
    > > >

    Trainings were held on time, in a professional manner, with new elements being introduced all the time. As far as motivation and progress were concerned, I was always pleasantly surprised and I never felt that the training was “pointless.” I also appreciated the opportunity to find a compromise as to what we should focus on between what I expected and what he as a professional considered necessary; nutrition advice helped me maintain my weight and taught me how to further work with it. 

  • Katarína(32 years, After having a baby)
    > > >

    Stevo is a very strict and rigorous coach, who also likes to joke around. He was interested in everything connected with training (nutrition, sleep, work). He inspired us to work hard for which I am thankful, because the results made me proud, even though I was the one who sweated blood and he stood next to me repeating, “Just hang in there!”

  • Petra(27 years, Insurance company employee)
    > > >

    A very human approach. Motivator, a positive person who always knows how to get you going, encourage you and provide support. Each training was well prepared and thought out, naturally, reflecting the actual state of the client. And to all that I might add that I met a great person and a friend.

    PS: I better not write how sore my muscles were after each training, because it might discourage someone. 

  • Tinka(30 years, Bank clerk)
    > > >

    Relentless, uncompromising and always ready for my cursing… a tailor-made training plan without any room for change, thus the results came exactly as he predicted. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the courage to try it… my feelings cannot be expressed, you are simply perfect.