We all have our own limits we try to beat. Often it is an individual mater. P´art of Heart is trying to help people who face various challenges, caused by a change in their lifestyles, values, or active life approach. We are helping people in achieving their goals by helping them to get ready for tests they’ve chosen themselves and are about to face in the near future. This summer we are going to face very many challenges, which we would like to introduce. Here they are:

P´art of Heart will be standing on the start line of the 100km Low Tatras cross mountain run, we will also attempt to help in achieving the 8200m Himalayan mountain, participate in 315km cyclo – journey across Slovakia, fight the one-day MTB marathon – the hardest in the world, taking place in Salzkammergut /Austria/, which is 211km long, with vertical incline of 7000 meters...enough, isn’t it? No, no yet. Furthermore, we will participate in the Ironman competition, as well as several marathons, cyclo-marathons. We will also go through some cross triathlons, crosses, duatlons, aquathlons...

Bit by bit we will try to introduce our highest priorities and aims – today we start with the Low Tatras Challenge. It is a 100km run across the Low Tatras Mountains. Vertical incline is about 5400m. only a small number of teams were able to register for this run. Our representatives are Matúš Vnenčák and Matej Fabšík. These guys have plenty of experience in this type of runs, have participated in the mountain-carriers competition and their recent ambition is to win this 100km super challenging run (think about the incline and unpredictable weather). What, however, does make this run even more challenging? You actually have to carry everything with you – including headlamp, first aid kit and food/drinks. Overall time score is calculated after arriving both members of the team – which means if you want to win, you have to win as a team. The Low Tatras Challenge run qualifies you to participate in the Ultra trail du Mont Blanc. Matúš and Matej will go though this run in 47 days. We do believe they will be able to meet the challenge successfully and will profit from their mutual cooperation. We keep fingers crossed for them and will inform you about their score.

Matúš Vnenčák