CSOB Bratislava Marathon 2012 in results

In last weekend start our crew at the first social race. We had 3 individuals at half marathon and also 3 relays team. We made great results again and somebody did their challenges.

Tibor Misutka conquered his first HM in 1:52h without any big problems. His goal was just to finish.

Jan Jarabek finished with personal best [better time about 3 min] at HM.

Stefan Cuvala helped women relays at course and finished with time 1:40h at HM.


Men relay finished at great 2nd place in personal best [better time by 1 min]. Stefan Summerling, Peter Ziska, Ondrej Pijak and Matus Vnencak made their best and were in the finish at 1:09h.

We have 2 women relays. First [Diana Tesovicova, Ludmila Kollar, Michaela Kancev, Jarka Vitovic] finished at 34th place [300 relays altogether] and also girls were the fastest women team at course!!!

Second team consists from Lu Peska, Alex Gerzova, Julia Remakova and Veronika Duffkova. Girls did their best with hard weather conditions. They finished 2:02h.

We would like to congratulate to all competitor who represent yourself, our company P’art of heart and our main sponsor TriGranit [we are thankful for your support].

                                                                                                                                P’art of Heart