First challenge – CSOB Bratislava marathon

In this follow weekend our crew will attend at CSOB Bratislava Marathon. We will have 3 relays and 3 runners for half marathon. We have also big support from TriGranit company [thanks for that, we appreciate it]. Men’s relay has the highest ambitions: Peter Ziska, Stefan Summerling, Ondrej Pijak and Matus Vnencak are very good runners (just Stefan is specialist). We have 2 women’s relays: Jarka Vitovic, Diana Tesovicova, Lu Pesko, Ludmila Kollar, Michaela Kancev, Alex Gerzova, Veronika Duffkova and Martina Stryckova. So we have in team runners, boarders, skiers and bikers.

Tibor Misutka, Janko Jarabek a Stefan Cuvala will run at half marathon. For Tibi Misutka is his first one

Please keep fingers for us …we are going to fight!


                                                                                                 P’art of Heart