Ironman, challange!!! You wake up at 5 o'clock, try to prepare at 3,9km swimming in open water than 180km on a road bike and than finnaly you have to run marathon. Your effort lasting about 8 to 16 hours. Everyone who finish this competition is winner. This race has own rules. It isn't just triathlon, it's triathlon where you can't fall in to other bike or where every discipline has a time limit. If we think about uncertaint weather it's hardest competition.
Stefan Cuvala started to prepare at this race last September. He started with swimming because he was in really bad condition and he hadn't any experiences. During the winter months he also did a lot of hilly runs and followed spring road bike and crossing between disciplines. He has some obstacles in his preparation, but they couldn't stop him ...and you could see him at 6.8.2011 in Piestany [Slovakman]. We will see each other in finish Žmurkajúci