Cross triathlon Skalica 2012

Our relay won first place! Juraj Hlavek, Matus Uher and Peter Ziska broke all their rivals and won with big lead. Great result in Cross triathlon in Skalica with their will and heart has our respect.

Our another relay Ella Homola, Lu Peska and Milka Kollar finished at 13th place because Lu fell down on bike. Ella again compete with great performance at swimming.

Our third relay finished at 10th place. They just want to have fun and finish to 10th place. So they carry out their mission. Julia Remak, Peter Neumann and Tibor Misutka created strong team.

Tomas Bartalsky finished at 16th place and conquered women relay. He avoided mistakes and he finished in great shape, no like last time.

Janka Madarasz finished at second place in women category! She swam bad like always, but cycled great, like always and take a podium place.


Congratulating to all our athletes and thanks for their effort.


                                                                                                        P'art of Heart