Running challenges during this weekend

Silvia “Sunny” Puchovska will participate at Vienna Marathon during this weekend. For Sunny is the first one ...but she is prepared very well. Her prepare last ½ year. It wasn’t without complications because of two respiration diseases but athlete is technically and physically very good prepared. Her psychical preparation is still in going …but on the Sunday she will “fly” Žmurkajúci

Rastislav Mitasik is another athlete who is going to race this weekend. He will take part at national run Devin – Bratislava. Runner’s preparation last ¾ year. At the first we would like to just finish but right now we are going to beat 1:12h Usmiaty

Also Ivana Kmit and Milka Kollar will participated at this run. Girls just going to warm up Úžasný They will be after three days of hard training. Stefan Cuvala will help Rasto keep the pace.

We keep fingers crossed to all runners, take an adventure in positive way Usmiaty

                                                                                                                                   P’art of Heart