10km in Malacky shows actual perfomance

Malacky is the western city with famous run of 10km. Yesterday was 28th anniversary with sunny day. Three of us took part at this race, Janka Madarasz, Ludka Kollar and Ivana Kmit. Janka finished at 164th place with time 49:13min ...but at 2nd place in her category women about 50ies. She missed 1th place only about 45 second.
Ludka finished a lit a bit later after Janka with time 51:44min. It was her 4th race in her life. After 5 months of training and 3 months of specific running training it's great result for her.
Ivana going to race from full training [6 days without rest] and her goal was just finish in good feeling. It was her second race in life.

We congratulating to all athletes, and also organizers  Žmurkajúci